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James River Band

The Poinsettia Sale is an annual fundraiser and it is our second most important fundraiser. Participation is mandatory for each student.

Poinsettias have historically been purchased from Strange's Florist; they have foil-pot covers, and are delivered in protective sleeves. They remain attraEUZ4890001 7ctive for the holiday season, typically for 4-6 weeks. Each student is required to sell five plants each.

Schedule: Specific dates range from year to year but the sale usually starts in mid-October and ends mid-November. Order forms and information will be available in the band room and specifics each year will also be updated here on the website.

Plants are usually delivered near the end of November and pickups are available usually in the Open Commons. Pick up is a critical date as we do not have the ability to house the plants and maintain them for any length of time. Timely deliver to your customer is important!

Plants are usually offered in large and small sizes and offered in red, pink and white.

Please note:

  • Payment must be taken at the time the order is placed. We encourage you to ask for check or money order and avoid cash.
  • Checks should be made payable to: JRHS Band Boosters, Inc
  • We are one band and all students benefit from the proceeds of our fundraisers. 

Sales Tips:

  • Ask Parents and neighbors if they could use the plants to decorate at their work area.
  • Emphasize that these plants will be delivered by you, a band member to the customer's home wrapped in foil and ready for holiday display or gift giving.
  • These plants are healthy and will last much longer than those bought at the grocery store as they are purchased directly from a local greenhouse.
  • They make a very nice gift to teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and relatives. One size really does fit all!


Sell 10 or more Plants and for every plant you sell over 10, 8 points will go towards your students trip/student fees.

(Should anyone need clarification regarding the point system, please contact Mr. Turpin or myself).

In addition –Top Seller, Second Place, and Third Place will be eligible to win additional $$ prizes $$.