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James River Band

Good afternoon Regiment:

Here are this week's important information and notes.  Please read

1.  If you borrowed one of my hats on Friday night, please be sure to return it to me....I did not get them all back.

2.  All students should have picked up the Poinsettia and Yankee Candle Fundraiser.  This is our biggest fundraiser and many people are looking for this fundraiser so please get out there and sell.  You have the chance to earn a lot of points for your account.  Dont forget you still have the Pizza Fundraiser as well!

I am listing the rest of the season dates below.  Please mark your calendar!!  We are in the home stretch!!  Students, we are changing a great deal of the show this week and next.  DO NOT BE ABSENT!!  It will be your job to find someone to teach you everything that we have changed PRIOR to the next rehearsal.  We have two weeks to fix and clean things before the big Powhatan Show!!!!

This week is a light week with only 2 rehearsals for everyone but next week is really full.  Students, please be aware of everything next week and stay on top of your school work!!!

Full Schedule for the rest of the season:

This Week's Schedule:
Mon. Oct. 16:
-Woodwind & Brass Rehearsal 2:15-4:30
-Band Booster Meeting 7pm

Tues. Oct. 17:
-Colorguard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
-Percussion Rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Oct. 18:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Oct. 19:
-The band WILL NOT be going to Greenfield Elem. like planned.
-Bell Greek Fundraiser 4-8pm (See attachment)

Next Week's Schedule:
Mon. Oct. 23rd:
-Woodwind & Brass Rehearsal 2:15-4:30

Tues. Oct. 24th:
-Colorguard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
-Percussion Rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Oct 25th:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Oct. 26th:
-Fall Band & Chorus Concert 7pm
-Regiment WILL perform on this concert...including guard
-Report time is 5:45pm for band members.  Students will perform in their tuxedos and dresses that are in Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

Fri. Oct. 27th:
-Buddy Night and Senior Night
-All middle school students will be here for rehearsal from 2:15-5pm
-Everyone will be fed dinner before the game
-ALL students are expected to stay after rehearsal as we will have activities with the middle school students

Sat. Oct. 28th:
-Competition at Powhatan High School
-Times still have not bee soon as they are, I will let everyone know.

The Following week:
Wed. Nov. 1st:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Nov. 2nd:
-Regiment Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Sat. Nov. 4th:
-State Marching Assessment
-We will perform at Liberty High School in Bealeton, VA at 12:15 in the afternoon.
-Tentative plans are the band will report to school by 7:30am.  Final details shortly.

The Rest of the Season:
Wed. Nov. 29th:
-Christmas Parade at Monacan High School
-Students will be bused from JRHS to Monacan HS around 1pm
-We will rehearse with Monacan HS and Bird HS for the parade since we are doing ONE big band for the parade.
-Final details will come out later.  But this rehearsal will be for everyone

Sat. Dec. 2nd:
-Dominion Christmas Parade in Richmond
-Final details to come!!!

Mr. Justin Turpin

Good evening Band,

I hope everyone got some rest today!  Great job on Saturday!!  Definitely a step in the right direction!!

If students have not brought the Pizza Fundraiser we are doing right now, please ask them for it!!!  This can help you earn points for next year and/or the cruise!!!  Sell, sell, sell!!!

Here are a few reminders about this week.  I told all the kids on Saturday about the slight change in the schedule this week!

This Week Schedule:
Mon. Oct. 9:
-Woodwind and Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Tues. Oct 10:
-Colorguard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
-Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Oct 11:
-No rehearsal for anyone

Thurs. Oct. 12:
-Pep rally at Robious MS and Robious Elementary.
-HS students will be excused from school from 9:30am and the rest of the day.  MS students will meet us at Robious MS at 10am.  Robious MS students will be with us for the rest of the day and then be at the HS for rehearsal
-MS parents-please complete the attached permission form and please get it to Mrs. Eaton on MONDAY! Robious_Pep_Rally_Permission_Slip.pdf
-All students NEED to bring a lunch today!!!!!  After we perform for Robious MS, we will then perform for Robious Elementary.
-If there are any parents available from 9am-1pm, please let me know.  We will need a few parents to help with the trailer!!
-Rehearsal for EVERYONE 2:15-4:30pm

Fri. Oct. 13:
-Students should report to JRHS by 4:30pm
-We will have buses take us up to Tarrington for the Homecoming Parade.
-Parade begins at 5:30pm
-Parade will lead right into the football game

Next Weeks Schedule:
Mon Oct. 16:
-Woodwind and Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30
-Band Booster meeting 7pm

Tues. Oct. 17:
-Colorguard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
-Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Oct. 18:
-Rehearsal for everyone 2:15-4:30pm

Good morning band!

Missing rehearsal:
-I know many students have been getting sick, STOP THAT!!!  :-)
-But in all seriousness, please make sure you are hydrating after rehearsal, I know thats why a lot of you are sick.
-It is still very hot at rehearsals....I know....I hate it too....but we need to still have rehearsals.
-If you do miss rehearsal, YOU need to find out what you miss and make it up before the next rehearsal starts.  We are changing drill and adding things each day and we will not go back and reteach everything.  It is YOUR job to learn it from someone else in your section.

Hermitage Comp Info:
-Just a reminder that we will rehearse from 11am-1pm on Saturday.  (Brass members should report by 10:30 to polish horns)
-Students should bring lunch as they will have time to eat, pack and get into uniform from 1pm-2pm.
-Students should bring something to change into after we perform.  Just because its hot during the day, does not mean it will be hot at night when we are sitting in the bleachers.  Think Smart!!!
-Every year there are always students freezing at night because they are still in their tshirt and shorts from the performance.
-Students should all bring their green band jackets as well.  It will be cooler at night.  We cant afford anyone getting sick for next week!
-We perform at 4:45pm for those going to the competition.  Be sure to cheer loud for the band!!!

County band night info:
-Next Tuesday is County Band Night at Cosby High School
-Students will stay after school and we will rehearse until 4pm.  (8th graders, just ride the bus over as normal)
-We will leave around 4:30 once the trailer is packed.
-When we get to Cosby, students will have time to eat there.  They will have concessions and many other places like Magglios Pizza, Chik-Fil-A, Firehouse Subs and Kona Ice to eat at.
-County Band Night starts at 6:30pm and is free and open to the public.
-JR should go on around 7:45 or so.
-We should be back to JR by 9pm
-I know its a long day but there is NO practice on Wednesday

Next Saturday's Competition:
-By now, Im sure that your children have told you that we are going to VA Beach for a competition instead of West Virginia.  There were just too many factors that were prohibiting this competition but I found another one!!!
-SAT students need to report to JR as soon as you are done so that we can get on the road to VA Beach.
-We are performing at the VA Sportsplex hosted by Princess Anne High School
-Students will report to JR at 11am for a brief rehearsal before we pack.
-I will get more info out in my Sunday night email.
-If you are a pit crew person for that day, and would like to ride the Coach Buses, please let me know.
-If you are no chaperoning or working pit crew and would like to ride the bus down to VA Beach, please email me.  We will have extra seats on the Coach Buses.  Come with us and support the group!!!  Its always better when we have fans in the stands.  CNU is performing that night at the show and we have MANY JRHS alumni in that band!