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James River Band

Good evening Regiment!

First off, great job on Friday night band!  For our first run in public, first time in uniform and for our first football game, I was very pleased with our performance.  We have some work to do to finish the show by next Fridays game and next Saturday's first competition

Secondly, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for all their hard work at Tag Day on Saturday!  I know it was a long day and a hot day!  But thank you to all the drivers, all the counters, the lunch helpers, and Mrs. Lahaye for organizing the whole thing and especially the students who went door to door all day long.  I am HAPPY to say that all your hard work was SOOO successful.  We raised over $17,000 in door to door donations alone!  And we already have $5,000 in family and friends letters coming in.  So we are already at $22,000 in Tag Day donations!!  That is awesome!!  I know it was a lot of work and it might not have been the most exciting afternoon the students could have been doing, but the hard work was worth it!  Lets use this hard work on the field and the show will benefit just as much!

I also have to thank Mrs. King and ALL the ladies who have come in everyday to sew for me!!  The banner looks awesome and when it is revealed next week, its going to be very exciting!!!  They have been coming in every time the band has been rehearsing and sewing, sewing, sewing....I cant thank you enough!  Thank you to Mr. O'Keefe who has been helping and working hard and getting the firework holders ready.  And another Thank you to frontline member Grace Brown who has been painting the backdrops the last two weeks!  Our next performance is going to be SOO exciting!

Uniform 101:

The band members brought home 2 pairs of white uniform pants yesterday.  If they left before doing so, they will need to bring them home after rehearsal this week.

  • It is your job to wash the white band pants.  (PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL)
  • Students can bring the pants back in the morning of school or when long as they are back by the next performance.
  • DO NOT drop the pants off in the main office please!  The secretaries cannot hold those items in the office!

Concert Attire for Band Members

As many of your kids may have told you, they are beginning to get fitted for tuxedos and dresses for Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band.

If anyone can come in and assist Mrs. Durant during the day, please email her!!!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have over 100 students getting fitted for tuxedos and dresses and it is very time consuming and she can use some help!!

Spirit Wear

I know several people are still looking for Regiment Spirit Wear and I will be sending out a flyer to the kids this week with what items we have left.

Dont be left out at competitions and football games....get your items now!!!!

This Week's Schedule:

Mon. Sept 18:

  • Woodwind & Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm
  • Band Booster meeting 7pm in the Band Room

Tues. Sept 19:

  • Guard rehearsal 6-8:30pm (This is a change!!)
  • Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept. 20:

  • Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 21:

  • Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Next Week's Schedule:

Mon. Sept 25:

  • Back to school night.  Percussion, Woodwinds and Brass need to report to the school by 5:45pm for our performance.
  • We will NOT rehearse after school today.
  • Students need to wear their show shirt and we perform in the Theater for all the parents!
  • Students will be done by 6:30pm

Tues. Sept. 26:

  • Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
  • Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept 27:

  • Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm
  • Chipotle Fundraiser from 5-9pm.  (See flyer attached!)

Thurs. Sept. 28:

  • Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Fri. Sept. 29:

  • Rehearsal 2pm-3:30pm
  • Students report back by 5:45pm for game (15 min earlier than normal because we were late this week)


  • Students will report to JRHS no later than 11am
  • The Regiment will rehearse from 11am-1pm
  • 1pm-2pm the band will have lunch and pack the trailer.  Students bring lunch on days of competitions and eat while we pack, get dressed and prepare to leave.
  • 2pm departure for Hermitage High School
  • Band performs around 5:15pm
  • Awards are around 10pm
  • We should be home around 11pm
  • More details will be told to the students this week.

Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Mr. Justin Turpin
Director of Bands & Orchestra
Tri-M Music Honor Society Advisor
James River High School

Hello Regiment,

Well its a busy week!  Its Game Week!!!  Please be sure to read this email so everyone knows whats going on this week and next!!

Tag day information

  • Just over half of the band have returned their tag day envelopes.  This is not ok folks.  Please return the envelopes if you have not already.  Half of our budget for the year comes from this one event...the rest of the season will be in jeopardy if we dont get more in!
  • Tag Day is essential to the program and everyone needs to do their part if they can.
  • Parents, please use the link below if you havent signed up to help if you can:
  • We are in desperate need for drivers!!!!

Sewing on Monday

Any parent able to come in on Monday during rehearsal and continue to help sewing, please come on in!!

Thank you to all the adults who have been coming in and working on this large project!!!

Cruise Forms

  • This is a reminder that Cruise deposits and forms are due THIS Friday.  I have attached the form for everyone!
  • If you are interested in chaperoning, please complete the same form.
  • A $100 deposit is due with the form.

Booster Info

If you are not getting the booster emails, please complete the following link:

-Join the Booster Facebook page as well!!  Just click here: James River High School Band Boosters!

This Week's Schedule

Mon. Sept 11:
-Woodwind & Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Tues. Sept 12:
-Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
-Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept. 13:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 14:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Fri. Sept. 15:
-Pep Rally during school. (students will be called down)
-Rehearsal 2pm-3:30pm
-Report back by 5:45pm
-Football game 7pm

Sat. Sept 16:
-Tag Day-report to JRHS by 8am
-the day will be over around 4pm

Next Week's Schedule:

Mon. Sept 18:
-Woodwind & Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm
-Band Booster meeting 7pm in the Band Room

Tues. Sept 19:
-Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
-Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept. 20:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 21:
-Regiment rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday night off!!  I hope this is not a sign on how this season will go....first two public performances cancelled because of rain.  Thank you to all the concession stand workers who worked during the rainy game.  Just so everyone knows, even in rain, we do perform most of the time.  Please do not think that just because it rains, that band is cancelled or we dont perform.  Friday had some extreme weather that is why I made the decision not to perform.  I will always let everyone know as soon as the decision is made.  Be sure you are on the Remind program to get my text messages!
I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend and wishing you all luck on the first day of classes!
8th Grade Students:
  • On days that 8th graders need to get to JRHS for rehearsal, they will ride a bus from Robious to JRHS.  The bus will likely change off and on throughout the year.
  • I will be down on Robious on Tuesday to get the guard girls on the bus and back down there on Wednesday to ensure that everyone gets on the bus.
  • There will be an announcement that the students need to pay attention to on what bus to get on.  I know this is confusing, but that is how the activity bus works.
  • Students should report to the Robious Band Room on Tuesday and Wednesday so that they can get instructions on how this works.
  • Please do not contact Robious, James River or the Transportation department.  This will only make things more challenging as not everyone knows how activity buses work or the details on how we are doing this.
  • Thank you for being patient with all may be a little confusing the first few days, but it will all work out.

Sewing help THIS Thursday

  • If there are any parents who are free THIS Thursday (Sept 7) from 2:30-4:30, and have a sewing machine, we are looking for a few more people to help with the banner.  Thank you to the parents who have been coming in the last few rehearsals and working on this big project.
  • Let me know if you can make it!  We would love to get this thing moving along so that we can have it for the next home game!

Student Tag Day Sign Ups

  • Students should be signing up for a one buddy to be with during Tag Day.  Signups are in the band room.
  • Two pairs will be paired up so students will be grouped in groups of 4 for Tag Day.  Students pick one person to buddy up with and the boosters and myself will do the pairing depending on where you live.  We try to keep students in the area in which they live to the best of our ability.

Parent Tag Day Sign Ups

This Week's Schedule

Tues. Sept 5
  • Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
  • Percussion Rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept 6

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 7

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Next Week's Schedule

Mon. Sept. 11

  • Woodwind/Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Tues. Sept 12

  • Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
  • Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept 13

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 14

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Fri. Sept 15

  • Rehearsal 2pm-3:30pm
  • Students report back by 5:45pm for Home Football Game
  • Games typically end around 10pm

Sat. Sept 16

  • TAG DAY!
  • Students report to school at 8am.
  • Lunch will be provided to the students
  • Students will be done around 4pm