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James River Band

I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday night off!!  I hope this is not a sign on how this season will go....first two public performances cancelled because of rain.  Thank you to all the concession stand workers who worked during the rainy game.  Just so everyone knows, even in rain, we do perform most of the time.  Please do not think that just because it rains, that band is cancelled or we dont perform.  Friday had some extreme weather that is why I made the decision not to perform.  I will always let everyone know as soon as the decision is made.  Be sure you are on the Remind program to get my text messages!
I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend and wishing you all luck on the first day of classes!
8th Grade Students:
  • On days that 8th graders need to get to JRHS for rehearsal, they will ride a bus from Robious to JRHS.  The bus will likely change off and on throughout the year.
  • I will be down on Robious on Tuesday to get the guard girls on the bus and back down there on Wednesday to ensure that everyone gets on the bus.
  • There will be an announcement that the students need to pay attention to on what bus to get on.  I know this is confusing, but that is how the activity bus works.
  • Students should report to the Robious Band Room on Tuesday and Wednesday so that they can get instructions on how this works.
  • Please do not contact Robious, James River or the Transportation department.  This will only make things more challenging as not everyone knows how activity buses work or the details on how we are doing this.
  • Thank you for being patient with all may be a little confusing the first few days, but it will all work out.

Sewing help THIS Thursday

  • If there are any parents who are free THIS Thursday (Sept 7) from 2:30-4:30, and have a sewing machine, we are looking for a few more people to help with the banner.  Thank you to the parents who have been coming in the last few rehearsals and working on this big project.
  • Let me know if you can make it!  We would love to get this thing moving along so that we can have it for the next home game!

Student Tag Day Sign Ups

  • Students should be signing up for a one buddy to be with during Tag Day.  Signups are in the band room.
  • Two pairs will be paired up so students will be grouped in groups of 4 for Tag Day.  Students pick one person to buddy up with and the boosters and myself will do the pairing depending on where you live.  We try to keep students in the area in which they live to the best of our ability.

Parent Tag Day Sign Ups

This Week's Schedule

Tues. Sept 5
  • Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
  • Percussion Rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept 6

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 7

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Next Week's Schedule

Mon. Sept. 11

  • Woodwind/Brass rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Tues. Sept 12

  • Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
  • Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept 13

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 14

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Fri. Sept 15

  • Rehearsal 2pm-3:30pm
  • Students report back by 5:45pm for Home Football Game
  • Games typically end around 10pm

Sat. Sept 16

  • TAG DAY!
  • Students report to school at 8am.
  • Lunch will be provided to the students
  • Students will be done around 4pm

Thanks again for a great performance and banquet everyone!  I hope everyone had a great time and you enjoyed seeing and hearing the band for the first time this season.

You can also find my emails every week on the bands website under the 'News from Mr. Turpin tab!!!!

Bottled Water

  • I have attached the form once again so everyone can see when their date is. pdfBottle_Water_2017.pdf
  • This is a reminder that we need 8oz bottles, NOT the large 12oz or 16 oz bottles!!


Make Up Time

  • Any student who has missed any days of band camp will need to attend the make up time this week to catch up on everything.  Any student who missed the performance on Friday also must make up that time!
  • Make up time is Tuesday from 3-6pm, Wednesday from 6-9pm and Thursday from 3-6pm.

Tag Day Info

  • Tag Day Campaign is off to a great start.  We will send out over 300 envelopes to Friends and Family this week.  It's not too late to turn in you packet on Tuesday!  I'll be in the Open Commons at 5:30 pmto complete more letters.  
  • The next step is for the students to sign up in pairs.  There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board outside of the band room on Tuesday.  The Pairs will be grouped together into a team of four to be sent out into our community.
  • Make sure your calendar is marked for Saturday, September 16th.  The Sign-Up Genius will be ready shortly - This fundraiser needs a lot of volunteers, but it really is a fun day.  

If there are any questions, please contact Karen LaHaye at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This Weeks Schedule

Tues. Aug 29th

  • Tag Day Envelope stuffing for those who turned in envelopes late.  Be in the open commons by 5:30pm
  • Rehearsal 6-9pm

Thurs. Aug. 31

  • Rehearsal 6-9pm

Fri. Sept 1

  • Football game: report 6pm
  • Students will wear shorts, their show shirt and their hat 

Next Weeks Schedule

Tues. Sept 5th

  • Guard rehearsal 2:15-5pm
  • Percussion rehearsal 6-8:30pm

Wed. Sept 6th

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Thurs. Sept 7th

  • Rehearsal 2:15-4:30pm

Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Parent volunteer link:

Hello Regiment!

Take a look at this weeks information.  There have been some changes for this week so PLEEEEAAAASE Read on!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who came out Friday night to the raceway.  I know it was not ideal to all drive there and then get sent home, but I really appreciate it.  The owners of the raceway and I thought we could get it in before the storm came by, but it just didnt happen.  The owners of the raceway and I have been planning and scheduling that for at least 6 months and they do have a daughter at James River so I wanted to try to get it in.  I hope everyone made it home safely in the storm!  It was fierce!

Tag Day Envelopes:

-Every student received a large envelope on Friday with 10 smaller envelopes in it.  This is part of our most important Tag Day!!  We ask that all students address at least 5 of the 10 envelopes inside the envelope.  This are called our 'Friends and Family' Letters.  We send them out to as many family members as we can get and ask if they will support our band.  If you can return 5, GREAT....if you can return more than 5...even BETTER.  We also ask that you put a stamp on the envelopes that you do return.  Later this week, the students will stuff the envelopes with letter from them!  Whatever you can do as a family will benefit the group.  Please return those envelopes on Monday!!

Anyone who can Sew or Paint out there?

-We are in need of a few painters and sewers to help with this years props.  If you can help out, Im asking you to come to the booster meeting on Monday night at 7pm in the band room so we can start the process and schedule some times that we can get a group of parents together to make this happen!

Band Camp Picnic:  THIS FRIDAY!!

We are excited about the upcoming marching band season and our kick off picnic on August 25, 2017, at 6:00 pm. We need every band family to use the Sign Up Genius link to do the following (there are separate Tabs for each on the Sign Up page):

1.  Picnic RSVP - Let us know if you can make it!

2.  Volunteers Needed! - We need your help decorating, grilling, serving, etc. 

3.  Food Needed! - This year's picnic is potluck, so let us know what you will be bringing. 

Here's the link  -  Don't forget to select options under each tab.

 Cruise Information

-I have attached all the information regarding the cruise.  Please let me know if you have any questions! pdfJRHS_2018_Spring_Trip_Permission_Slip_-_Bahamas_Cruise.pdf

 This Weeks Schedule:

Mon. Aug 21:

-Band Camp 7:30am-3:30pm

-Band Photos have been moved to Wednesday

-Band Booster Meeting 7pm in the Band Room.  All parents are encouraged to come to our first meeting of the year!  We have lots to discuss and this is a great way to get involved and help out.  We cant run this band without parent support!!!

Tues. Aug 22nd:

-Band Camp 7:30am-3:30pm

-Students will be able to sign up to order Chik-Fila for Thursday

Wed. Aug 23rd:

-Band Camp 7:30am-3:30pm

-Band Photos will be taken at 8am. 

-Chik-Fila money due if students are ordering

Thurs. Aug 24th:

-Band Camp 7:30am-3:30pm

-Chik-Fila for lunch for those students ordering.

Fri. Aug 25th:

-Band Camp 7:30am-3:00pm

-Band Camp Picnic and Performance will start at 6pm.  More details coming!  CLICK HERE for the Sign-up Genius for RSVP, Volunteers and Food 

Next Week's Schedule:

Tues Aug 29:

-Rehearal 6-9pm

Thurs Aug 31:

-Rehearsal 6-9pm

Fri. Sept. 1:

-First Football Game.  Report time is 6pm.